Dog Behaviour Consults

      Dog Behaviour Consultations

As a qualified dog behaviourist  I combine my training experience with my  knowledge of behaviour to help owners overcome and understand their dogs issues.

Dog behaviour can be cute and endearing or it can be destructive or drive you up the wall. In most cases, behavior problems are really communication problems. When you stop to think about it, it's amazing humans and dogs can live together at all. Besides being totally different animals, we also see, hear, smell, taste, and feel the world very differently -- and process it all through a very different brain.

Destructive dog
Stressed dog
A consultation will last approximately 2 hours. The consultation is carried out in or around the dog’s environment. All members of the household should ideally be present during consultations and/or training, including children, because everyone has a part to play in improving the dog’s behaviour. During this time I will gain an understanding of what is causing the problem, carry out a detailed behaviour and training assessment and will then put together a tailored programme to improve the animal’s behavioural issues.
During my visit I will show you how to carry out all aspects of the programme.
All consultations will be backed up by a full written report that is emailed or posted to the client within a couple of days of the initial visit.
A follow up visit is arrange for 4 weeks after the first visit (this visit is only valid for three months from the date of the first consultation), this is a follow up visit and enables me to re-assess the programme and advise for future and continued training.
I also provide phone and email support indefinately.
As a full member of the CFBA I am recognised by Pet Insurance to accept vet referrals for behavioral issues. If your pet insurance policy covers behavioral issues you may be able to claim back my fees, whereby all you will have to pay is your excess.

£50 per hour (dependent on location). First visit lasts approximately 2 hours. Depending on the behaviour issue a number of visits may be required.

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